Transform the lives of indigent girls who are most likely to be left behind in education due to poverty, geographical location, traditions and long held beliefs that do not support learning for these girls. Let's give her a pen to write her own story.

On a mission to help 1MILLIONGIRLS across Africa have access to learning and learning materials.

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Help increase access to learning and learning materials for girls residing in rural areas and Urban slums.

Majority of Africa's population is rural and many of the people who reside there are either poor or illiterate. Girls in rural areas and urban slums are particularly disadvantaged with little or no access to learning and learning materials.

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Assist indigent girls in removing all manner of challenges to ensure a successful transition to secondary school and beyond; giving them more options and greater chances in life.

From completion of primary school to continuing to secondary school and beyond, girls can increase their life time learning and earning opportunities, become more confident and empowered to face the future.

Help fund a scholarship.

Purchase/sponsorship of the book GoGirl will help us put funds together to help indigent girls with school supplies....



To support quality learning and access to learning materials for the African girl; especially for those in greatest danger of being left behind.

Together, we can help indigent girls have access to quality comprehensive education and then gradually, we are realising gender equality in and through education.


Educated girls become empowered girls who in turn grow up to become empowered women; leading positive change in their various communities and the society at large.

Together, we are breaking bad cultural barriers that become limitation to girls and women in various industry of life.


Access to the the right information can equip more girls and young women to make informed decisions concerning their sexual and reproductive health and rights. It is her body; It is her health; It is her future.

She decides! End Female Genital Mutilation! End Rape! End Child Marriage! Every girl; every woman can decide.


Bridging the gender gap in the digital world and technological space.

Breaking the stereotype mindset propagating that digital and technological skills are masculine inclined.

Inspiring and sponsoring more girls and young women into the digital and tech spaces to develop skills, trailblaze in the digital world and become empowered to be architects of their own future as they explore global opportunities in ICT.


Supporting girls with potentials, skills, capacity and a tool box to help them start and grow in their business, career or chosen projects.

Building enterprising mindset and equipping more girls and young women to create profitable sustainable solutions to ever increasing societal problems.


Promoting and providing accessibility to mentorship of women by women for women to further girls and women development prospect in all facet of life.

Inculcating self belief for capacity building in young girls and women.

Creating the ripple effect; raising more calm, confident, capable and compassionate female energy to create positive change in themselves, each other and the world around them.