Every Girl


Be a succor to the several man made crisis in different forms of girl-child abuse denying girls access to learning opportunities.

Girls in emergencies require protection from the physical dangers around them; from abuse to neglect, to exploitation, to denial of food, water or healthcare; anything that threatens their wellbeing and may hinder their access to continuous learning.

Provision of basic needs and safety can be a lifeline for these girls..

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Invest in girls with special abilities with provision of appliances that aids mobility, vision and learning.

Many times, education of girls with special abilities is often seen as wasteful. Hence, these girls have little or no access to education of any sort; making them at higher risk of abuse, neglect, maltreatment and exploitation.

Let's make life and learning easier for girls with special abilities.

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Help more girls and young women get digital literacy. The world is experiencing more emergence of digital platforms for learning, earning and connecting.

Girls are less likely to use digital gadgets and technological devices. Girls are mostly likely to be left behind when it comes to gaining access to tech-related skills.

Digital revolution should not happen without girls; especially for those in the rural areas and urban slums.

Sponsor ICT TRAININGS for marginalised girls and young women